The wait is almost over!…

After 2 years in development, we are nearly there. Dabbl is set to launch within six weeks, kickstarting a people’s revolution in share ownership in the UK.

We will be rolling out the Dabbl beta app on a staged basis over a period of several weeks. Our democratic approach means that those who have registered early, or referred the most friends, will be the first to gain access.

You’ll be able buy physical shares in hundreds of companies listed on the UK, European and US stock markets. Our innovative image recognition and search engine technology allows easy association between brands and the companies that own them.  The best place to start with investing is what you know…

A ground-breaking fee structure, designed to ensure that even those who want to start with modest amounts (there’s no minimum account size) aren’t dissuaded by high transaction fees. For a subscription of just £1.49 a month, Dabblers will be able to buy and sell shares without paying any commission fees, which are an average of £10 per trade with the UK’s top 5 stockbrokers. Our commission-free proposition makes use of our daily “bulk dealing” service, whereby we pool your orders with those of others and transact them at 3pm each day. For those who care more about dealing at a specific price without delay, this will be introduced shortly after initial launch.

Fifty years ago, direct share ownership in the UK was hugely popular, with ONS data showing small investors held over 50% of UK shares in the 1960s – a number that now sits around 14% – but a lack of innovation in the sector has left it as the preserve of the few. The ability to buy shares, to participate in the profits of publicly traded companies, is a basic right which has been denied to too many of us for decades – a situation which hasn’t been helped by lethargic stockbrokers catering to an old-fashioned, wealthy elite.

At Dabbl we’re on a crusade to remove the unfair barriers which have dissuaded a generation of everyday people from being able to buy shares themselves, and to educate a nation in the benefits. We want to make investing in shares, in the companies that people connect with every day, easy and accessible for all – a Fair Share revolution. To this end we want to open up ownership in Dabbl to the people who use it.  We will therefore be giving the first 10,000 Dabblers who join the waiting list and download the app an exclusive option to be one of the first to invest in Dabbl when we undertake our first public fund-raising round within the next 12 months.

For some of the faithful wannabe Dabblers it’s been a long wait. Thanks for sticking with us. Breaking out of the mould of the way things have been done for decades is never easy…

For information purposes only, not intended to constitute financial advice from us. The customer should assess the risk of  potential loss carefully and individually before investing in any financial products. Dabbl Group Limited is authorised by the FCA under the reference numbers 767263 as an appointed representative of its Principal firm VIBHS Financial Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the reference number 613381.

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