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Politics and the Stock Market

Your vote really does count. Understanding Politics and how it impacts your stocks. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week (or very far from a Polling Station), you’ll know that this week saw a ‘Local Election’ in various towns and cities across the country. This saw the chance for many a local Councillor …

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Google to take on Siri with Iphone app

Google – is set to launch a new version of its popular Google Assistant AI app, possibly as soon as later this week, which will be designed to run on an iPhone. This really does take the fight for voice controlled services to Apple and its Siri product. it likely also offers some big clues …

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UK Stockmarket at record level as oil price rallies

UK shares are at record levels today, shaking off the concerns around the WannaCry cyber-attack and instead being driven by higher oil prices benefiting oil and commodity companies. Tesco – the world’s 5th largest supermarket group, has pledged to switch to 100% renewable energy – although not until 2030. The company will be installing solar …

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Snap, crackle and popped?

Boeing – shares in the aircraft giant took a nose dive towards the end of yesterday’s trade as news broke that it was suspending test flights of its new 737 passenger jet. However, this could prove to be an over-reaction as the company is committed to making the first deliveries to customers this month. Its …

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Another new appointment for m&s

BP – may have reported some bumper profits earlier this week off the back of rising prices since the start of the year, but shares are under pressure both for the company and its major peer BP this morning. Over-production and uncertainty as to whether the Opec cartel will continue to limit production has left …

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