At the current time Dabbl is not accepting new clients or existing customer transactions (other than withdrawals) as we seek to obtain our own direct authorisation with the FCA. This process can take 3 to 6 months, normal service will resume as soon as we secured our regulatory licence from the FCA. Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst we navigate these steps.


Students and the Stock Market

It’s that time of the year – freshers! Although we’re pretty certain ‘fresh’ is not how the 2018 cohort of students will be feeling after the next couple of weeks. Whether you’re a student now, attended University in the last few years, or enrolled yourself into the University of life, we all have a good …

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Kim Kardashian’s growing Christmas present!

Kimmy K. The Stock Market. Both handling a lotta’ cash, and both examples of making business an incredibly lucrative hobby. But not two things you’d necessarily put together. Are we right? Well actually, no. We’re completely and utterly wrong. Just when we thought we were the only people left banging the ‘anyone can Dabbl’ drum, …

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