At the current time Dabbl is not accepting new clients or existing customer transactions (other than withdrawals) as we seek to obtain our own direct authorisation with the FCA. This process can take 3 to 6 months, normal service will resume as soon as we secured our regulatory licence from the FCA. Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst we navigate these steps.


What’s in your bathroom?

By, Emma Burroughs So, we’ve raided your kitchen cupboards and established what you could invest in as well as eat. We’ve taken you back to your student days and proven that even the ropiest of halls provided potential investment goldmines. Next up? Your bathroom. Now we all know that keeping clean and tidy is an expensive and …

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A little more about the features on our app!

At Dabbl, we want to make buying shares as accessible as we possibly can – for everyone. To help with this, we’re running a series of blog posts covering a wide range of topics which impact the world of business, finance and investing. These snapshots have been carefully crafted to cut through the jargon and …

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fintech. who and what are you?

FinTech. A word that right now, is being batted around more than a Slazenger at Wimbledon.  But what actually is it? FinTech is (drum roll please…) the providing of Financial Services using Technology. Oh. Okay. Did someone say anti-climax? Granted. When chiseled to the core, FinTech by definition is not the sexiest concept to originate …

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Millennials and savings, a match made in hell?

We all know we need them, and we all have great intentions in getting some, however, sometimes your bank balance will only stretch so far. So just what is the UK savings situation? Santander conducted a survey on this very subject and found the following; the average Briton saves £150 a month, 20% don’t save …

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