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bank of england

Why there will be so much talk of interest rates this week

In the coming days, there’s almost certainly going to be a lot of talk in the financial press over the Bank of England and whether they will increase interest rates on Thursday. We wrote about why interest rates – or monetary policy as you may see it called – moves shares, but the Bank of …

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Why rates why shares

Last week, we saw the Bank of England give another warning that interest rates could soon be on the rise. The weaker pound is making goods we import more expensive, which is in turn increasing inflation. One of the roles of the Bank of England is to steer inflation to a target level which is …

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“Brexit spending boom is over”, says Carney

Morrisons – the supermarket group has given its Chief Executive a £500,000 pay rise, despite risking the wrath of MPs in doing so. However, this could be one example of where a reward can be justified, with the share price having risen by around 70% since the end of 2015, with over £2 billion having …

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Snap, crackle and popped?

Boeing – shares in the aircraft giant took a nose dive towards the end of yesterday’s trade as news broke that it was suspending test flights of its new 737 passenger jet. However, this could prove to be an over-reaction as the company is committed to making the first deliveries to customers this month. Its …

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