Students and the Stock Market

It’s that time of the year – freshers! Although we’re pretty certain ‘fresh’ is not how the 2018 cohort of students will be feeling after the next couple of weeks.

Whether you’re a student now, attended University in the last few years, or enrolled yourself into the University of life, we all have a good idea of what student life entails – and we don’t just mean the lectures.

When you start University, you’re effectively setting sail (usually for the first time), packing your life into a box, and heading down to whatever area it is that you’ve decided to call home for the next three years.

Whilst you’re doing all of this, there’s a high chance you’re having your ear chewed off about one topic in particular – good old-fashioned budgeting.

Student fees are costly to say the least, and student life can test the most frugal. But let’s face it, student life teaches you one thing if nothing else – how to improvise and how to live a champagne style lifestyle on ale money.

So how does this life of temporary hardship link to the Stock Market?

Now we acknowledge that unless you’re very clued up on all things finance, Stocks and Shares may not be the first thing you thought of when it came to the three years of debauchery you’ve so been looking forward to.

However, it may just surprise you just how many links there actually are. Don’t believe us? Join us on our walk through ‘Uni memory lane’ and see for yourself. Each and every company we mention will be on the Stock Market and therefore fully investable.

Student spongers who?

Two months before

You’ve been accepted, you’ve had a good ‘reccy’ of the area you hope to move to and you’re happy with your decision. So, what now?

You need some student digs.

Unite (Unite Group – UTG)*

The UKs leading provider of student accommodation, providing homes for 50,000 students in 28 cities.

One month before

You’ve been putting it off for a while, but the constant nagging to ‘get things organised’ have finally reached boiling point. You need pots, pans, and lots of them. As well as bedsheets, tea bags, and all of the other items that Mummy and Daddy will no longer be providing. So where do we head to? What store of wonder could possible house all of the previous under one gilded roof?

Introducing the Supermarket – with a particular emphasis on Super. Let’s take a look at a trio that have been serving the student population for some time now.

Tesco (TSCO)*

The last couple of years haven’t been kind to Tesco, with scandal smearing the brand name for quite some time. However, with a freshened up image and an acknowledgement of fault, the industry stalwart seems to have cleaned up its act – and its reputation in the process.

Sainsburys (SBRY)*


Owned by US megatron Walmart, ASDA Smart Price has left students across the land tapping their back pockets all the way to the bank.

All that walking leads to one thing, and one thing only:

You need toiletries.

Enter Unilever (UL)*

With Dove, Domestos and Lynx under their belt, they aim to keep both you and your bathroom clean.

OK, so the bedroom, toiletry and kitchen supplies are just about there. You’ve been resourceful and covered all bases, without forking out on any of life’s luxuries. They’ll have to come in Post-Graduation.

So, what now?


Gone are the days of pen and paper – what students want now is convenient technology. Enter the laptop. Whilst these may be used for Netflix and chill more than anything else, the humble laptop is still deemed quite the student essential. Here are some industry leaders offering ‘Back to University deals’ as we type;

Apple (AAPL)*

Samsung (SSU)*

Sony (SNE)*

Dixons Carpho (the owners of Curry’s to you and me: DC)*

Now just because you’ve got yourself the latest gadget, it doesn’t mean the ‘old-school’ methods have totally lost their touch.

Enter the books and the pens!

Pearson PLC (PSON)*

One of the World’s leading publishing companies.

WHSmiths (SMWH)*

A trusty steed when it comes to stationery, or the airport.


The infamous ‘freshers’. Somewhat ‘make or break’, freshers takes students on a journey they won’t forget, or in most cases – remember. So just how does the Stock Market come into this?

Brown Forman (BF/A)*

Owners of Jack Daniels –

Constellation brands (STZ)*

Owners of Corona

Heineken (HEIA)*

165 breweries and a lot to answer for.

Revolution Bars Group (RBG)*

Famed for their flavoured vodka, Revolution bars have helped make up many a student landscape. Who knew it wasn’t just the shot platter you could invest in 😉

The After-Party

Here are a number of options, covering all bases;

Netflix Inc (NFLX)*

Someone say Netflix and chill?

Dominoes (DOM)*

Because who doesn’t want a slice of the action?

Yum! Brands (YUM)*

Owners of both Pizza Hut and KFC – take your pick!

Just Eat PLC (JE)*

Providing takeaways with the X Factor – nationwide.

Unilever (UL)*

Now bear with us here – because Unilever really have pulled out all of the stops, owning Ben & Jerrys, Pot Noodle, and also – Durex condoms.

First week

So it’s your first week. First things first, you need to get to your lecture.

Stagecoach (SCC)*

Offering low cost, reliable transport to both students and their counterparts.

And next?

With freshers firmly behind you, it’s time to see what evidence comes to the surface.

Enter Social Media:

Twitter (TWTR)*

Facebook (FB)*

And there we have it: Students and the Stock Market are more aligned than we might have imagined.

However, student or not, keep up to date with the performance of all the above stocks (and more!) with Dabbl. Keep on track with the events that have an impact, allowing you to create your own strategy.

*Letters in brackets represent the company Ticker. (I.e. how said company appears on the Stock Market).

For information purposes only, not intended to constitute financial advice from us. The customer should assess the risk of  potential loss carefully and individually before investing in any financial products. Dabbl Group Limited is authorised by the FCA under the reference numbers 767263 as an appointed representative of its Principal firm VIBHS Financial Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the reference number 613381.

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