Get inspiration from the world around you.

It is all too common to not see the investment potential that lies in everyday things – but for those who dabbl life is full of opportunities.

Introducing the dab cam

Capture opportunities around you

Suddenly discovering the brands you love can be done as easily as taking a selfie.
Snap a brand or a logo using our Dab Cam to see the stock available to buy or sell. Finding investing opportunities can be done anywhere.

Explore investing opportunities connected to you

Use the dabbl app to see what’s trending or browse categories to get inspiration. dabbl strips away the need for tickers and jargon – using ques from your world to find relevant investment ideas for you.

Review trends and spot high movers

Using our trending lists you can see what others on dabbl are investing in to see latest viewed, trending higher and lower.

Search the brands you love

Using dab cam or simple text search look for the everyday brands you love and use. Your world will give you inspiration. Start from what you love and explore …

Dig into companies you are interested in

Found something you like? Click on the company card to read more about the company, to see how it is performing and what the sentiment or health score is of the stock. No tickers or jargon - plain straight talking information

Browse the dabbl categories

All our company stocks are broken down into easy to use categories that relate to the real world - e.g. shopping, food, technology, automobiles - flick through the categories to find your interests quickly and simply.

Keep an eye on the companies you care about

Add any companies or brands you are interested in to your Watchlist. Where you can, at a glance, review how it is performing and decide when you want to buy the stock. You are in control.

View more features


Explore the features that empower our users to invest. You'll see that truly anyone can dabbl. ​


Don’t be put off by the financial jargon. Anyone can invest. dabbl will help to bring investing to life with you.​

It’s super easy to get started

Give dabbl a go and start investing today. It’s easy to get started and it will only take a few minutes before you can browse and review a world of investing at your fingertips.

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