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dabbl Later

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Commission-free trades 3 free trades / subscription month
dabbl Later UK shares £4 £1
non-UK shares £7 £1

dabbl Now

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Commission-free trades
dabbl Now UK shares £7 £5
non-UK shares £10 £8


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Pre-funding fees
Monthly admin fee £2.50 / mo £2.50 / mo (for portfolios with a value greater than £7,500)
Personalised news

Other charges

One to one telephone trade £20 per trade
Stamp duty Reserve Tax UK (SDRT)
Most shares listed on AIM are exempt from UK (SDRT)
Stamp duty Reserve Tax Ireland (SDRT) 1%
Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) Levy
On UK equity transactions where the trade value is over £10,000
On Irish equity transactions where the trade value is over €12,500
Late settlement fee £25 + VAT
Sale of stock for non-payment of trade dabbl Now fee, plus £30 + VAT
Account closure No charge
Administration of deceased accounts £50 + VAT
Probate evaluations £10 + VAT per holding
Duplicate documents
(Contract Note, Tax Cert)
by email £5 + VAT per item
by post £10 + VAT per item

Transferring shares

Transfer shares in electronic No charge
certificate £25 per certificate
Transfer shares out electronic £15 per stock
certificate £25 per certificate


Payments in Faster Payments No charge
Payments out
(UK and non-UK)
Standard bank transfer BACS (UK) No charge
Faster Payments No charge
Priority payments Same day UK £15
Same day non-UK £30

Explore the market

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Search and find brands
Watchlist & Activity Feed
dabbl cam

Understand insights

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Company health insights
Sentiment analysis
Personalised news

Security & data protection

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State-of-the-art security
256-bit and SSL encryption
FSCS protected


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Priority chat support
Priority email support

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