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Virtual reality is coming to life.

May 12, 2017

Virtual reality is having a real moment. Ironic pun well and truly intended!

Today alone, two stories surrounding the technology have hit the headlines of business pages across the world. First, news broke that London based virtual reality firm Improbable had raised a staggering $500million in investment. Founded by two Cambridge Computer Science grads, this is one of the biggest investments ever placed in an early stage European business. Happy Friday anyone?!

Secondly, Microsoft announced that they were set to release a VR headset to rival the current market leader, Oculus

Often abbreviated to just ‘VR’, Virtual Reality is a very hot topic in the world of Tech. Virtual Reality gives users the chance to the visit a plethora of exotic locations, by simply wearing a headset. This means that a user can enjoy the surroundings of a Californian beach, whilst sitting in their living room.

The company who initiated the VR movement are virtual reality hardware specialist Oculus, founded in 2012. Based in Menlo Park, the birthplace for many a thing Tech, Oculus were bought by Facebook in 2014, for the tidy sum of $2billion. (This is known as an Acquisition). With VR very much at the forefront of the Tech agenda, it’ll be interesting to see how Facebook stock fares as it goes through the motions.

With that in mind, here are some other listed companies who are working on Virtual Reality technology;

- Samsung sold almost 800,000 VR headsets in the first quarter of this year alone.

- Sony, who are offering a headset that connects with their gaming console Playstation.

- HTC, who have created the VIVE VR headset.

As VR looks set to take over the world of Tech, it could be worth keeping a very close eye on these companies indeed.