Free investing on dabbl in December

We have just launched our the new update to the dabbl app making it even easier to invest in the brands you love. ‍ And as if that was not enough, to celebrate the new app we have removed all our commission fees giving you a chance to get up and running straight away. So hurry download the new …

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Investing and financial markets

‍What is a financial market, and how do I invest in them? At Dabbl, we want to make buying shares as accessible as we possibly can – for everyone. To help with this, we’re running a series of blog posts covering a wide range of topics which impact the world of business, finance and investing. …

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What’s in your bathroom?

By, Emma Burroughs So, we’ve raided your kitchen cupboards and established what you could invest in as well as eat. We’ve taken you back to your student days and proven that even the ropiest of halls provided potential investment goldmines. Next up? Your bathroom. Now we all know that keeping clean and tidy is an expensive and …

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Myths of the Markets

Despite their reputation for ruthless efficiency, financial markets remain awash with folklore. A few months back, we touched on the Santa rally, the period of time around Christmas where the markets allegedly see a rise. Shares did move slightly higher last December, but it was arguably due to the over-promising Trump administration than a man …

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fintech. who and what are you?

FinTech. A word that right now, is being batted around more than a Slazenger at Wimbledon.  But what actually is it? FinTech is (drum roll please…) the providing of Financial Services using Technology. Oh. Okay. Did someone say anti-climax? Granted. When chiseled to the core, FinTech by definition is not the sexiest concept to originate …

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Millennials and savings, a match made in hell?

We all know we need them, and we all have great intentions in getting some, however, sometimes your bank balance will only stretch so far. So just what is the UK savings situation? Santander conducted a survey on this very subject and found the following; the average Briton saves £150 a month, 20% don’t save …

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Why investing now, is more crucial than ever.

Good tidings! I come with good news. We, as a nation, are living longer. Cue the party, ring the bells of every tower! Its official. Young people now are twice as likely to reach the age of 100 than our dearly loved Grandparents. In fact, statistically 1 in 10 men and 1 in 4 women …

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