5 Reasons why you should check out dabbl

We’ve built dabbl with the aim of providing the next generation of self-directed investor with an easy, cost effective and fun way of buying and selling stocks and shares in thousands of companies from across the globe. For too long, investing directly into shares has been beyond the reach of many, but we’re changing all that. Check out our five reasons why you should be checking out dabbl.


1) dabbl is easy to use dabbl-ing, quite simply, couldn’t be any easier than this.

Know the company you want to buy a slice of? Simply key in their name to the dabbl app and – subject to the company being one of the 1,200 global businesses we offer shares in – buying or selling is just a couple of taps away. Love a brand but don’t know who is behind it? Just snap a photo within the app and find out the owner in a matter of seconds. Want to see which company is attracting the most positive sentiment in social media or what other dabblrs are doing – it’s all there for you in our easy to use, intuitive interface.


2) You’re in control

When you buy shares directly – just like you do through dabbl – you’re deciding which companies you want your money to be supporting. Whether it’s a brand you love and use every day, the fact they’re working on the next great development in green technology or healthcare, or simply a company whose values align with your own, with dabbl it’s you – not some faceless fund manager or a robo-adviser driven by algorithms – who is deciding what aims your money should be assisting.


3) We’re accessible to all

A smartphone – and the ability to pass our straightforward client admission process – is all you need to start self-directed investing with dabbl. We’re live in Apple’s App Store and will soon be live in Google Play, too. Our user interface has been designed to deliberately cut through the jargon that so many people found became a barrier to starting to buy shares.


4) It’s a low cost service

If you think buying and selling shares is only for middle aged city fat cats, then think again. We’ve built our technology from the ground up which means we’ve cut costs to the bone, whilst providing all the exciting functionality the next generation of self-directed investor wants. dabbl membership costs just £2 a month, including the opportunity to buy or sell shares up to three times each month.


5) You’re not making any commitments to us

With dabbl, we’re not about tying you in to saving a fixed amount each month or leaving your savings locked up for years at a time – just move whatever you have left at the end of the month into your dabbl account. Buy into the companies that you want and although shares are often best for the long term, when you want to use that cash for something else, just sell up and the money will be in your account in a couple of days. It’s important however that you always remember share prices do fall as well as rise, so you may get back less than you started with.

For information purposes only, not intended to constitute financial advice from us. The customer should assess the risk of  potential loss carefully and individually before investing in any financial products. Dabbl Group Limited is authorised by the FCA under the reference numbers 767263 as an appointed representative of its Principal firm VIBHS Financial Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the reference number 613381.

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