Day: 26 July 2021


Centres Of Attention

What’s going on? All eyes were on Snap Inc. and Twitter late last week, as the social media giants’ digital ad businesses drove quarterly earnings that blew past expectations. What does this mean? Here’s something to make you feel old: 293 million people were using Snapchat – Snapchatting? Snapping? – on an average day last …

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Lonely Parts

What’s going on? Data out on Friday showed European business activity climbed at its fastest rate in 21 years in July, but the shortage-riddled manufacturing sector is still missing that special something. What does this mean? Monthly business activity surveys ask company managers how busy they’ve been compared to the month before, providing a near real-time snapshot …

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Safe Haven

What’s going on? The European Central Bank (ECB) announced in an update on Thursday that it won’t be tweaking interest rates, but it will keep being agonisingly cautious. What does this mean? You’d be hard-pressed to find an economist who was expecting the ECB to adjust key interest rates on Thursday. And spoilers ahead for any contrarians …

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Stand By Your LAN

What’s going on? AT&T revealed an encouraging second-quarter update on Thursday, as the telecoms and media giant’s customers realized a life without WiFi isn’t much of a life at all. What does this mean? AT&T recorded more net new subscribers last quarter than investors were expecting, partly because it managed to hold on to so many. It’s …

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