Day: 21 July 2021

The Clash

Should I stay, or should I go…?

The summer holiday season is well and truly upon us, but 2021 looks set to be like no other. Record numbers are set to “stay-cation”, whilst the more traditional tour operator market continues another year of battles to try and lure folk overseas. Complicated testing regimes, the risk of quarantine at either end of the …

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Emily In Beta

What’s going on? Netflix announced worse-than-expected quarterly results late on Tuesday, so the streaming giant might be turning to a few new developments – like gaming – to take its business to the next level. What does this mean? Netflix warned investors at its last earnings update that it’d add just 1 million new subscribers …

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What’s going on? European companies started posting their second-quarter updates last week, and they’re expected to trounce America’s earnings growth. What does this mean? Hopes for Europe’s earnings season are high: analysts are predicting a 140% rise in earnings per share compared to the same period last year – more than double the American companies’ forecasted growth. …

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Dialing In

What’s going on? Zoom Video Communications on Monday announced its biggest get-together yet: the ubiquitous teleconferencing provider is buying cloud computing firm Five9 for a cool $15 billion. What does this mean? Zoom shot to prominence during the pandemic as work-from-homers, far-off friends, and locked-down lovers all turned to its slick video-calling service. And Zoom’s …

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US Dollar


What’s going on? As people wake up to the need for better stewardship of our planet, financial and otherwise, the dollars are pouring into sustainable investment – but the euros are a different matter. What does this mean? A report out this week from the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance reveals that the amount of money …

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