Investing for the rest of Us

Dabbl is a new way to invest for a new breed of investor. We know that the idea of investing probably seems remote, alien and about as interesting as a going to the dentist. We want to change all that.
Your capital is at risk as the value of shares will rise and fall at times

Investing for everyone

The new mobile app that allows you to invest in the companies and brands you love.
Take control of your investments and start owning a piece of the companies you use, trust or love.

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search and discover
Search for a company, brand, theme - whatever you're interested in - and find related investment ideas. Or for inspiration you can browse what's trending. 


We use some smart technology to translate complex data into insights which help you decide whether to invest.


tap to invest
Follow a company to track its performance, then when you're ready, choose how much to buy for a simple, low fee.

Your world is full of investing opportunities.

With Visual Search, you'll start seeing your world in a whole new way of buying and selling shares.
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dabbl in action

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After months of hard work by our technical teams we aim to have simplified the world of investing by bringing share buying (and selling) to everyone in a single mobile app that cuts through the jargon and the complexity.

dabbl is all for simplicity

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Health Scores

Quickly learn about a company's financial strength with our Health Score system.
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Social Sharing

Share a company on WhatsApp or any social media to canvass the opinion of your friends.
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Instantly know the current mood around a company from news article analysis
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Activity Feed

Quickly catch up on the relevant recent events affecting the companies you're interested in.
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Skim through the headlines or read the story in full, from dozens of sources.


Follow a company to track its performance. 

Friendly support, helpful guidance always on hand

If you're taking your first dip into investing, it's only natural to have lots of questions. Our in-app chat makes it easy to get the answers, plus there's a wealth of educational guides and regular blog articles to read in your own time. 


Shareholder benefits for all our members at your favourite places

3 commission free Dabbl later trades a month

Our Fees? 

Extremely low and fair! With no nasty surprises from hidden fees either.

Become a member today for just £2 a month

Costs & Charges

We take security seriously

We use state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information.
Our app uses 256-bit and SSL encryption. We don't store passwords, and any personal data we do store is in highly secure data centres.
touch id
Touch ID or a PIN-code is required to confirm an investment.
segregated funds
All client funds are held in segregated bank accounts, ring-fenced and completely separate from the business's own money.
Your investments are covered by the Government's Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to a value of £50,000.

We believe everyone should own their share

It's important you know this...

As with any investing, your capital is at risk as the value of shares will rise and fall at times, and you may get back less than you originally put in.